Michael Cote

Michael Cote's Curriculum Vitae

390 Lake Shore Drive
Phone: ( 508)   360-8095
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Career History
I started in the flooring business when I was 17 years old and a junior in High School. I worked the summers and weekends as a helper carrying carpet and tacking and padding. I had the great fortune to be trained by a great teacher and excellent carpet mechanic. At 19 I toot the Civil Service exam for law enforcement. For three years in a row I passed with great grades but in those days not being a veteran or a minority I went to the bottom of the list. Eventually I went full time as a carpet installer helper. In five years I had my own business. I installed for 15 years and eventually ended up running a labor install shop for Emerson Rug. Emerson was owned by Allen Carpet in New York. I had 12 stores to service 10 in MA. and 2 in NH. I did this for 7nyears and ended up at a retail flooring dealer in Norwell MA. This retailor had three stores at the time and they were doing 12 million in sales a year. I ran there installation service department for 5 years and was made General Manager in 1998. I was first certified in carpet inspections in 1987 at FCITS in Dalton GA. I have taken every opportunity to excel in knowledge of flooring products. In 2002 I left my job as GM and started doing inspections on a full time basis. In 2007 I partnered up with my brother and we own two retail stores on Cape Cod. I don’t discuss my findings with the customer and when I’m hired for an inspection the commissioned party owns my report. I am honest and fair and go where the evidence takes me. I have over 43 years in the flooring business and look forward to many more inspections to come.
Additional Certifications
IICRC Cleaning
Formal Education
High school graduate, two years Framingham Civil Service School , Law enforcement.
Industry Training Seminars
Trained at FCITS,IICRC, Mannington, Armstrong and CFI.
Industry Association Memberships
Commercial Sites Inspected
Cities Inspected

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