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Career History
Winning cases requires witnesses with believability and knowledge. Rob McNealy has both because he is an actively practicing, full time walkway auditor and floor inspector; not just some retired rubber stamp with a PE after his name. Rob knows floors and is passionate about digging into each and every case to find the facts wherever they lead him.

Flooristics, founded by Rob McNealy, specializes in flooring related accidents and construction defects. Flooristics provides an array of expert consulting and forensic services including: walkway auditing, slips, trips, and falls, slip testing, coefficient of friction (COF) testing, moisture testing of concrete slabs and other materials, forensic analyses and testing of flooring installations and materials, and record review of industry best practices and standards for both plaintiffs and defense. Flooristics is experienced in the testing of concrete, ceramic tile, carpet, resilient, bamboo, hardwood, laminate and engineered flooring materials.

Rob McNealy can be an asset to any professional team. His unique hands-on experience, combined with his extensive academic and industry training, make him invaluable in determining the merits of cases, screening contracts and case records, understanding proper application of industry standards and best practices (even when they conflict), writing reports and affidavits, developing timelines, building out teams of other experts, scope of work analyses, providing expert opinion, and giving depositions and trial testimony regarding industry best practices.

With more than 15 years of experience in the flooring industry, Rob McNealy has served in a variety of industry roles, including: flooring contractor, certified flooring inspector, industry standards developer, industry related media personality, and interior design school advisory board member.

Rob McNealy maintains the following industry designations and certifications: Walkway Audit Certificate Holder (WACH), Senior Carpet Inspector, Concrete Slab Moisture Testing Technician, Carpet Reinstallation and Repair Technician, Resilient Flooring Inspector, Wood and Laminate Floor Inspector, IFCI Flooring Inspector, Substrate Subfloor Inspector, Carpet Cleaning, Wood Floor Inspector.

Rob McNealy has been a featured guest on radio shows and podcasts, has been an invited speaker at conferences and has provided CLE training on floor related construction defects.
Additional Certifications
•Walkway Audit Certificate Holder (WACH) (2014-Present) NFSI
•Certified IFCI Flooring Inspector (2014-Present) IFCI - #136
•Certified Resilient Flooring Inspector (2014-Present/Probationary) IICRC - #207109
•Certified Wood and Laminate Floor Inspector (2014-Present) IICRC - #207109
•Certified Substrate Subfloor Inspector IICRC - #207109
•Certified Carpet Cleaning Technician (2014-Present) IICRC - #207109
•Certified Walkway Auditor (2013-2014) NFSI
•Certified Wood Floor Inspector (2008-2010) NWFA - #370326
•Flooring Contractor (2005-2012) State of Colorado
Formal Education
Colorado State University (2001-2003) Denver, CO
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Major: Strategic Management

Central Michigan University (1993-1997) Mt. Pleasant, MI
Bachelor of Science (BS)
Majors: Geography (Landuse Planning/Environmental Analysis)
Minor: Marketing

International Studies
St. Patrick's College (National University Ireland) (1997) Maynooth, Ireland

Industry Training Seminars
• IICRC Carpet Cleaning Technician (2018) Restoration Sciences Academy – Salt Lake City, UT
• OS1 Train the Trainer (2017) Managemen – Salt Lake City, UT
• Mohawk Industries Inspector Summit (2016) – Muskogee, OK
• Schluter Systems Decoupling Products (2016) Schluter Systems – Salt Lake City, UT
• IICRC Odor Control Technician (2016) Aramsco/Interlink Supply – Salt Lake City, UT
• IICRC Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration (2016) Aramsco/Interlink Supply – Salt Lake City, UT
• OS1 Train the Trainer (2015) Managemen – Salt Lake City, UT
• Incident Investigation: A Management Approach (2015) Utah Safety Council – Salt Lake City, UT
• Advancing Total Worker Health: Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls at Work and Beyond (2015) ISSA – Salt Lake City, UT
• Safety Leadership (2015) Utah Safety Council – Salt Lake City, UT
• IICRC Senior Carpet Inspector Training (2015) CRS – Chattanooga, TN/Dalton, GA
• IICRC Carpet Repair and Reinstallation Technician (2015) CRS – Albuquerque, NM
• ICRI Concrete Slab Moisture Testing Certification Program (2015) ICRI – Las Vegas, NV
• 3 Men and a Lady Discuss Stone Tile Maintenance and Restoration (2015) TISE – Las Vegas, NV
• Thin Tile Installations in Above Ground and Exterior Applications (2015) TISE – Las Vegas, NV
• Membrane System Solutions for Crack-Isolation and Sound Control (2015) TISE – Las Vegas, NV
• The Cost Case for Moisture Mitigation (2015) TISE – Las Vegas, NV
• Glass Tile Installation Methods, Design and Color Trends (2015) TISE – Las Vegas, NV
• Shaken, not Stirred – How to Get the Best Bond from Your Mortar (2015) TISE – Las Vegas, NV
• Armstrong Inspector Training (2014) L & N – Salt Lake City, UT
• Walkway Audit Certificate Holder (WACH)Training (2014) NFSI – Southlake, TX
• IICRC Resilient Flooring Inspector (2014) Flooring Technology Institute – Arlington, TX
• IICRC Intro to Substrate Subfloor Inspection (2014) Flooring Technology Institute – Arlington, TX
• ARDEX Underlayments and Toppings Training Seminar (2014) ARDEX Academy – Mansfield TX
• ARDEX Moisture Control Systems Training Seminar (2014) ARDEX Academy – Mansfield, TX
• IICRC Carpet Cleaning Technician (2014) Bridgepoint Systems – Salt Lake City, UT
• Advanced Spot and Stain Removal (2014) Bridgepoint Systems – Salt Lake City, UT
• Wood Floor Care (2014) Bridgepoint Systems – Salt Lake City, UT
• IICRC Wood and Laminate Floor Inspector (2014) Flooring Technology Institute – Pittsburgh, PA
• IICRC Intro to Substrate Subfloor Inspection (2014) Flooring Technology Institute – Pittsburgh, PA
• Wood Science for the Flooring Inspector (2014) The Floor Education Guild – New Orleans, LA
• Resilient, Bamboo, Cork and Engineered Inspection (2013) IFCI – Sundance, WY
• Walkway Auditor Training (2013) NFSI – Southlake, TX
• Floor Covering Inspector Training (2013) IFCI – Sundance, WY
• Large Format Tile and Surface Preparation (2013) NTCA – Sundance, WY
• Resilient Flooring Inspection School (2012) Johnsonite – Los Angeles, CA
• Course 101: Engineered Wood Basics (2011) Engineered Wood Association – Aurora, CO
• Sand and Finish School (2011) Bona Kemi – Aurora, CO
• NWFA Advanced Hardwood Flooring Inspection School (2008) Howard Brickman – St. Louis, MO
• Job Hazard Analysis (1998) Wausau Insurance – Hastings, NE
• Accident Potential Recognition (1998) Wausau Insurance – Omaha, NE
Industry Association Memberships
•Institute for Walkway Audit Certificate Holders (2015 – Present)
•Institute for Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)(2014 – Present)
•National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) (2013 – Present)
•Institute for Floor Covering Inspectors (IFCI) (2012 – Present)
•Arapahoe Community College Interior Design School Board of Advisers (2009)
•American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) (2007)
•Troubleshooter Referral List (2006 – 2011)
•Better Business Bureau (BBB) (2005 – 2011)
•National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) (2005 – 2010)

Commercial Sites Inspected
Dollar Tree
Cities Inspected
Flooristics provides expert witness services nationally.

Flooristics provides certified walkway audits nationally.

Flooristics provides floor inspection services across the Rocky Mountain West, including Colorado, Montana, Western South Dakota, Western Nebraska, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming.

Metro areas covered: Billings, Boulder, Casper, Colorado Springs, Cheyenne, Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins, Grand Junction, Rapid City, Reno, Las Vegas, Laramie.

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